Developmental Issues Like ADHD are NO Problem with Montessori Singapore

Many parents worry about their child going to school after a diagnosis of developmental or mental illness. They worry that their child may be behind the curve, unable to fully keep up with their peers. We say that parents can relax. ADHD and other very common concerns are no problem to deal with when you choose Montessori Singapore.

The Montessori Approach

With Montessori learning, kids are not restricted to sitting in a desk or at a table for the time that they are at school. Montessori kids are able to move throughout the day. Lying on a rug while they play, standing at a table, sitting for story time, and walking around all day for supplies. There is always something going on in the classroom and it is constantly changing. This makes it possible for children who have trouble staying on-task, to go throughout the day without feeling bored.
As an added bonus, several teachers may be working with a group of children. Smaller groups can be less scary for the students and it allows each teacher to work with students who may be struggling more than others in the group.

Success Comes for All Students

Teachers at a Montessori school are trained to handle all types of situations. They can help children who are scared feel more at ease. They can help children that struggle to learn the basics to succeed. They can do their part to make sure that every child gets the absolute best start that they can possibly get as they journey into primary schools. This is perhaps the main reason that students and parents everywhere love the idea of Montessori.

Parents Rave about Montessori

Every parent and every child has a success story to tell if they were able to give the child a start with Montessori programs. Some parents who were very concerned about their child beginning school because of ADHD say that it was the best possible decision to have their child attend. Students who start out on their first day, may not know how to count or read and before long, they are reading well above their grade level.
These are the success stories that Montessori Singapore can provide. It can be your child’s success story as well and they will go on to continue to love learning as they grow.

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