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About The Company:

Love your body! Right now, right this minute. Exactly the way it is. No waiting, no excuses. Not when you get fit or lose a dress size or put on your makeup. Now.

In this age of weight loss fads, botox, and plastic surgery, it's not an easy proposition to love your body. So Cathy Miller created the Love Your Body! Project to provide a reminder, in the form of a wristband, that works--24/7--as a reminder to love the body you're in. And when one of these powerful little bands is purchased, "body positive" non-profit organizations are helped too!

The Love Your Body! Project is the brainchild of Cathy Miller, creator of Big on Batik, a popular clothing line for plus and super-size women. It is her ingenious response to the hundreds of women--of all sizes-- who feel less than loving about their bodies. Many women consider their bodies "the enemy", needing to be constantly monitored and controlled at all costs. Other women reduce their bodies into various parts, hating their stomachs or their thighs, forgetting the wondrous unique wholeness that belongs exclusively to each of us.

Involved in several small organizations that focus on a positive body image, Cathy saw these organizations operating on a shoestring, depending on the generosity of members and friends for donations. An idea emerged that would both encourage women to feel good about their bodies plus benefit these organizations. And so the Love Your Body! Project was born in the summer of 2005. To date, the project has sold almost one thousand wristbands, and donated over $600 to our targeted organizations!

About the Founder

Our friend Cathy: The smiling face behind the wristbands!

Cathy Miller is a designer, businesswoman, and entrepreneur who has spent three decades actively engaged in encouraging women (and men!) to feel good about their bodies. She created and grew Big On Batik into one of the foremost plus and super-size clothing stores on the Internet. She has been involved in the body liberation and health-at-every-size movements since 1976. From 1986 - 1995 she spoke to college students on the subject of size acceptance and body liberation on more than a dozen campuses around Southern California. She is very excited about her latest project, Love Your Body! Wristbands. When someone says they have a hard time truly loving his or her body, Cathy's response: "Get a Love Your Body! Wristband and JUST WEAR IT! The message has a way of working its magic on anyone who wears it!"

About the Spokesperson

Chenese: Official Spokesperson of the Love Your Body! Wristband Project

Chenese Lewis is the first woman to be crowned Miss Plus America. Through her work with the Miss Plus America pageant, Chenese has made appearances throughout the US and Canada, spreading a message of a positive body image. In addition, Chenese is also a plus size model and actress in Los Angeles, where she advocates positive portrayals of plus size women in the media.

Through the Love Your Body! Project, Chenese continues spreading the message of self-love and acceptance. She knows these bracelets will benefit good causes while being both a fun fashion accessory, plus a daily affirmation to love yourself just the way you are.



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Web Design & Marketing Manager: Tiina Vuorenmaa

LOVE YOUR BODY! Logo: Heidi Spurgin


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